What is an skin contact allergy?

A skin contact allergy is a reaction by the immune system that is trying to protect us from potentially harmful substances that can be liquids or solids. These substances are called allergens or sensitisers and most of them occur in nature! Allergen examples include nickel, latex, bee stings, pollen, etc.

Unfortunately, while the immune system has good intentions, it is not very smart! So it can get fooled by synthetic (man-made) substances that it thinks are one of natures potentially harmful substances.

Allergies don't appear overnight; they can take months or years to develop. But once an allergy occurs, it is for life. The immune system will never forget that specific allergen. Even if there is no skin contact with the allergen for a period of time, the smallest skin contact can trigger the allergic reaction again.

Worse still, once an allergy develops, the immune system goes onto heightened alert, so it becomes much easier and faster to develop allergies to other allergens in future.

It is a common misunderstanding that nail products cause allergies. This is not correct, an allergy is a reaction to one or more specific ingredients in the nail products that you use.

It starts with Over Exposure!
Before an allergy occurs, there is a long and repeated period of skin contact with the allergen. During this period of over exposure the skin will show signs of irritation, redness or inflammation.

Only if these symptoms are ignored, will an allergy finally develop. So allergies are entirely preventable.

An allergy can't be caused by a chemical vapour

Chemical vapours from the nail products can't cause an allergy, but inhaling vapours or dust can cause other lung illnesses such as asthma, chemical pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). CPOD can be life threatening. 

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