About and Thanks

The Authors

Bob & Iryna Giblett. 

Iryna is a veteran Nail Technician, Competition Judge and Competition Champion who studied Chemistry and Biology. Prior to becoming a Nail Technician, Iryna worked as a Microbiologist at the government health laboratory in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Bob is an engineer who also works in the nail industry. He is enjoys writing articles for nail magazines and is a regular poster on Facebook, sharing advice on the prevention of nail product allergies and the European Cosmetics directive.

Both are passionate about protecting the health of Nail Technicians and nail salon clients. 

Recently the British Association of Dermatologists reported the nail product allergies had reached epidemic levels among hobbyists who use nail gels or gel polishes at home, and among Nail Technicians,

This motivated Bob & Iryna to create the "Say No To Allergies" campaign to provide fact-based information to help prevent allergies due  to the unintended misuse of nail products. 

With Thanks...

The authors would like to offer their appreciation and thanks to the following individuals who over years have provided generously provided their expert knowledge to help Nail Technicians in the UK and Worldwide:  

Doug Schoon, USA 

Chemist and leading authority on nail anatomy. 

Author of Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, Face-To-Face Volumes 1, 2 and 3 (Amazon) (www.schoonscientific.com)

Marian Newman, UK 

Sessions Technician who's work regularly appears in leading fashion magazines (Vogue, etc)

The UK's leading authority on the nail salon industry, educator, competition judge 

Author of The Complete Nail Technician Book (Amazon)  

Jens Knaufermann, Germany 

Product Chemist and consultant

Jim McConnell, USA 

Product Chemist and owner of Light Elegance nail products

Anette Claesson, Sweden 

Expert in nail health and diseases 

Nail Technician, Competition Judge 

Editor of the Naglar I Norden (Nails in the North) magazine